Malkin's 5-point night pales in comparison to this Lemieux stat

Malkin and Crosby's combined stats aren't even close!

Malkin's 5-point night pales in comparison to this Lemieux stat

Yesterday, the Pittsburgh Penguins overcame in the Vancouver Canucks on home-ice in a spectacular high-scoring game. The final score was 8-6 in favour of the Penguins after the Pens came back from a 3-goal deficit. Evgeni Malkin was the undisputed man of the match.

Malkin had himself a 5-point night for the first time in many seasons. The last time he accomplished this feat was in 2012. His 2 goals and 3 assists spurred Pittsburgh to victory in a major way. The Russian has shown once again why he is one of the best Hockey players in the world.

Yesterday's victory way Evgeni Malkin's 8th career 5-point game. He finally surpassed Jaromir Jagr's 7 5-point games for second place in the Penguins' history for 5-point outings and now has two more than Crosby's 6. But still finds himself very, very far behind the first Penguin in the category, Mario Lemieux.

With 1723 points in 915 games played over the course of his legendary and illustrious career, it isn't surprising to find out that Lemieux has had a significant amount of 5-point performances over the years. However the margin by which he leads all-time Penguins' players in this category is simply astounding.

If you combined the number of 5-point outings that Crosby and Malkin had, their total wouldn't even begin to come close to Lemieux's. Even if you added Jagr's 7, it still wouldn't come close. Mario Lemieux has had more 5-point games than all other Penguins' players combined.

Lemieux has had a grand total of 51 5-point games in his career. Albeit the NHL was an excessively high scoring league in his days by more recent standards, his totals reflect the way that he utterly dominated his opponents. It seems that such a stat will not soon be matched by any player in the NHL.

What a player Mario Lemieux was!