Man's mysterious death at NHL Stadium Series currently under investigation

Things get even worse for the NHL.

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The National Hockey League held one of its Stadium Series events over the weekend and so far the response to that event appears to have been overwhelmingly negative. Earlier today we documented a huge number of issues that took place both prior to and during the Stadium Series event that left fans of the National Hockey League furious, with many of those fans demanding full refunds on the price of their tickets. 

That of course has resulted in a ton of negative publicity for the National Hockey League, the opposite of what they are going for when they host these massive outdoor events, and unfortunately they are now going to get even more negative press. Although it appears to be no fault of the league's at this time, KRDO News is now reporting that law enforcement agencies have launched an investigation after a man died last night following the NHL's Stadium Series at the US Air Force Academy. At this time we do not know who is leading the investigation but KRDO News has revealed that there are currently multiple law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation of this incident. 

This one is something of a mystery at this time as well as investigators have released almost no details other than to confirm that there was indeed a man who has lost his life following the Stadium Series event. We do not know if law enforcement suspects foul play or if this man died of natural causes, however the fact that they are being so tight lipped about this situation does peak my curiosity more than just a little. Law enforcement agencies are currently claiming that their decision not to release any details, including the identity of the now deceased man, are the result of them attempting to contact a next of kin prior to leaking the name to the media. 

Update: It appears as though the man's death is currently being investigated by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations as well as local law enforcement agencies, but those are the only details related to the investigation that we have been able to obtain at this time. I'm very curious about what may have happened here so stayed tuned for more updates as I will be bringing them to you as they become available.