Man shows up for Game 7 dressed up as sexy Instragram model spotted behind Stars’ bench!

​We won’t lie, he doesn’t look as good as her…

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One woman caught the attention of many when she took in Game 6 in Dallas. The scantily-clad woman who took in the Stars and St. Louis Blues game has gone viral, but was already quite popular on social media with more than 3.7 million followers on her Instagram account. 

And we understand why. Here is a shot of the beautiful woman, actress Natalie Gauvreau, who is stunningly beautiful. 

On Tuesday night, a fan attending Game 7 in St. Louis decided to dress up as Gauvreau, but failed miserably. 

Well, he did manage to have us laughing and praising his courage for such an outfit on such an important night. 

And he sure caught people’s attention as well…