Mangiapane ejected for crosscheck to a defenseless McCann.

Mangiapane ejected for crosscheck to a defenseless McCann.

The Calgary Flames veteran was ejected for an ugly looking cheap shot on Saturday night.

Jonathan Larivee

The Calgary Flames could soon be looking at another suspension coming their way.

On Saturday night, Flames veteran forward Andrew Mangiapane crossed the line and found himself tossed from the game after a nasty looking cheap shot was delivered to Seattle Kraken forward Jared McCann. It wasn't the most vicious of blows you're ever going to see, but the fact that it was delivered to a completely defenseless McCann certainly made it appear predatory.

Mangiapane delivered a crosscheck to McCann while the Kraken forward was down flat on the ice, and to make matters worse he delivered it to the back of McCann's neck where there is no protective equipment. I have to believe that Mangiapane did not intentionally target McCann's neck, but the replay paints a very ugly picture.

Mangiapane was awarded a 5 minute major for the infraction and was quickly tossed from the game as well, and I would not be shocked to learn that the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety will be taking this one under review.

The Flames have already been hit with a big suspension this season after defenseman Rasmus Andersson delivered a hit to the head of Columbus Blue Jackets forward Patrik Laine, and you have to wonder if Mangiapane may not be next.

Take a look at the replay yourselves:

Here it is again from close up: