Maple Leafs emerge as the big winners in the Draft Lottery.

Leafs win big on Saturday night.

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While the Toronto Maple Leafs were the favorite heading into the 2016 National Hockey League Draft Lottery, they still entered the lottery with only a one in five chance of actually getting the top pick.

Fortunately for the Leafs and the Toronto faithful, the Leafs made good on their one in five oppurtunity and walked away with the number one pick in this year's draft, a pick that is projected to be extremely talented center Auston Matthews.

Matthews isn't just a terrific talent, but he also plays at one of the most sought after positions in the league, but that doesn't mean he's a lock as the number one overall pick. Winger Patrick Laine has been making a ton of noise lately and even has some scouts projecting him to overtake Matthews as the top talent in this draft.

It will be a tough decision for the Leafs, but it's a fantastic problem to have.