Maple Leafs fans flip out at John Tavares rumoured trade scenario to surprising rival!

Maple Leafs fans flip out at John Tavares rumoured trade scenario to surprising rival!

The proposal makes sense… why so much frustration?

Chris Gosselin

Ever since the Maple Leafs have been eliminated from the postseason by the Boston Bruins in the first round, trade rumours have taken over in Toronto. And while most speculation has surrounded winger Mitch Marner and the fact that he could be the odd-man out of Toronto’s “Core Four” of forward talent, others suggest that captain John Tavares could also land on the trade block and be asked to waive his no-move clause.

Amidst the trade chatter surrounding Marner, Ben Mathewson recently shocked the Maple Leafs’ fanbase when he wondered if Tavares could be traded to the Buffalo Sabres during the offseason.

“I’m having thoughts about a Tavares trade to Buffalo this summer.”

Mathewson went on to explain how the Leafs’ captain has family ties in Buffalo, how a move there wouldn’t be too hard on his family and how Tavares himself could take on a third center role as a near perfect fit on a rebuilding yet promising roster.

Mathewson never expected the backlash he received from his proposed trade scenario and had to explain again how the Sabres have the cap space to take on Tavares’ $11 M annual salary for the last year of his current deal. The pundit does however point out that he thinks “it’s very unlikely Tavares waives his NMC, but I do think Buffalo is uniquely positioned to be one of the few teams he’d consider waiving for.”

During his season-ending availability on Monday, Tavares, just like Marner, expressed interest in re-signing with the Maple Leafs once his deal expires.

“I haven’t put much thought into it,” Tavares said. “But I love to play here.”

When asked if a dialogue was in place with general manager Brad Treliving on a contract extension, Tavares only shared that the GM addressed the players prior to the availability Monday and that the message was to “push forward” and improve.

Which could hint at differer trade scenarios… No?

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