Maple Leafs lose two players to injury on Saturday night.

Maple Leafs lose two players to injury on Saturday night.

A rough night for the Maple Leafs gets even worse with two important players out with injuries.

Jonathan Larivee

The Toronto Maple Leafs had a chance to knock out a future playoff opponent on Saturday night but failed to get the job done with the Detroit Red Wings eventually triumphing by a score of 5-4 and keeping their playoff hopes alive in the process.

That would have been a difficult outcome on its own for the Maple Leafs but as it turns out things went even worse for the Leafs on Saturday with two key players going down as a result of injuries during the course of the game.

The more serious of the two injuries appears to be one suffered by Maple Leafs forward Bobby McMann. McMann was injured after he was tangled up with Red Wings forward Alex DeBrincat along the boards in a sequence that didn't look like much of anything. McMann was however clearly feeling the ill effects of the contact with DeBrincat and would leave the game and not return as a result of the injury he sustained.

Following the game Sheldon Keefe admitted he didn't know how long McMann would be out for.

"Bobby has a lower-body injury, don’t know the severity of it," said Keefe.

The Maple Leafs would also lose veteran defenseman Jake McCabe during the course of the game, although this injury sounds like the less severe of the two. McCabe was injured when a shot from Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin struck him in the face, causing him to leave the game and not return.

In this case however, Keefe made it sound like McCabe wouldn't miss much time at all.

"Jake looks like he will be fine," revealed Keefe. "Couldn’t come back mainly due to swelling around his eye. His vision wasn’t impaired. It has got better, if that trend continues he will be fine."

The Maple Leafs' next game comes this Tuesday against the Florida Panthers.