Maple Leafs players threw their teammates under the bus during exit interviews.

Maple Leafs players threw their teammates under the bus during exit interviews.

Reports about the Toronto Maple Leafs exit interviews are beginning to emerge, and it sounds rough.

Jonathan Larivee

All of the focus around the Toronto Maple Leafs over the past few days has been on their front office, with the surprise firing of now former general manager Kyle Dubas this past Friday dominating the headlines.

While the drama in the front office unfolds however there may be an entirely different drama currently playing out in the Toronto Maple Leafs locker room. Although none of the players on the Leafs roster have been outwardly critical of one another, it sounds like they were much more willing to do so behind closed doors after yet another playoff failure.

National Hockey League insider Elliotte Friedman has revealed that, during the exit interviews that took place at the end of the season, a number of Maple Leafs players were very critical of their teammates.

"I heard that Toronto's exit interviews we're pretty tough," said Friedman on the 32 Thoughts Podcast. "I heard that Toronto players were pretty blunt."

What makes this particular nugget of information from Friedman so credible though is that his source appears to be a player within that very same locker room.

"What this player told me is that they think you should keep an eye on what maybe unfolds over the next few weeks," revealed Friedman. "Because he thinks some of the players were really blunt about why it didn't work."

No doubt we will learn more about who said what in the coming weeks, either in the form of stories leaking out or in the form of the inevitable changes some of those comments are bound to lead to.