Maple Leafs provide an update on Auston Matthews.

Details inside.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs have provided an update on Maple Leafs star forward Auston Matthews

Matthews was famously outed as one of the many players that have thus far tested positive for COVID-19 by controversial Toronto journalist Steve Simmons, although to be fair to Matthews here that information was never confirmed officially by the league or the Leafs. In spite of that little detail however on Sunday general manager Kyle Dubas felt it necessary to provide an update on the health of his star forward, likely due at least in part to fans concern over his ability to play in the playoffs as well as the risk he could potentially pose to his teammates.

If Matthews did indeed contract the potentially deadly virus it seems that he has fully recovered because Dubas announced that his player was fit to play and furthermore indicated that Matthews would be present tomorrow when the Leafs and every other team participating in the Stanley Cup Playoffs will begin an unprecedented training camp in mid July. This is of course excellent news for fans of the Maple Leafs and obviously provides a big boost to their lineup relative to the potential scenario in which Matthews was forced to sit out. 

Again if Matthews did test positive for COVID-19 it would appear that he has already gone through the necessary testing protocols and has been cleared by medical professionals to return to the ice. The National Hockey League has been doing a ton of testing in this regard but even without their heavy involvement I am confident that the Leafs would not let Matthews return unless they were 100% certain of their decision. The risk of a player potentially infecting one or more of his teammates would be a disaster for any NHL team at this stage of the NHL's return to play.