Maple Leafs shove more trade chips on the block!
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Maple Leafs shove more trade chips on the block!

Changes coming to Toronto…?



There is a heavy feeling in Toronto that if the Maple Leafs go out on the trade market to acquire some much-needed help on the back end or in between the pipes, rival teams will demand to get talented youngster Matthew Knies. And it is apparently clear to team insider Jonas Siegel of the Athletic that GM Brad Treliving will not part with him:

“Knies has played so well though and boasts such enticing upside that he’s presumably a complete no-go for the Brendan Shanahan-Brad Treliving front office.

"Too important in the present. Too important in the future.”

Siegel however dresses a list of other options the Maple Leafs may present rival clubs in their trade pitches and the list includes not only prospects like Fraser Minten and Easton Cowan, but also first-round picks in 2024 and 2026.

The insider also suggests prospect defender Topi Niemelä, goalie prospect Dennis Hildeby and 2024 third-, fourth- and fifth-round picks along with forwards Pontus Holmberg and Nick Robertson.

“Treliving didn’t draft Robertson and his fit in next spring’s postseason lineup is tenuous. He’s expendable in the present.”

When it comes to the aforementioned first round picks, Siegel wonders if the Maple Leafs cannot afford to move this upcoming draft’s first round pick, especially in their first season under Brad Treliving as new general manager. However when asked about the first round selection in 2026, Siegel says this:

“The alternative to dealing a first-round pick that will come up soon is dealing one that will come up later. The appeal to this route is clear: A prospect picked in 2026 is unlikely to become an option for the NHL team until what — 2029? 2030?

"Another world from now in other words. The roster will look a lot different by then. So might the front office.”

Treliving might be getting the information out there on what he is willing to play in order to get negotiations going.

The trade deadline is 10 weeks away and rumours will only ramp up until then. Especially in Toronto.

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