Maple Leafs trying to trade Mitch Marner 'this week.'
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Maple Leafs trying to trade Mitch Marner 'this week.'

NHL insider reports that the Maple Leafs are doing “everything in their power” to get rid of Mitch Marner.

Jonathan Larivee

It sounds like the Maple Leafs desperately want to move on from star forward Mitch Marner, at least according to one National Hockey League insider.

On Monday morning, NHL insider Frank Seravalli made perhaps the most strongly worded comments I have heard to date regarding the Marner situation in Toronto. Seravalli would begin by sharing his belief that the Toronto Maple Leafs are desperately trying to move on from the Marner situation and looking to do so very quickly.

"This is the week," said Seravalli on Sportsnet 590. "If it's gonna happen there's a strong likelihood that it happens this week."

Seravalli has been perhaps the most vocal NHL insider on the topic of Marner, and he offered an explanation as to why he believes that may be the case.

"The reason everyone else has been a lot more quiet or reserved about it... it's because they believe that Mitch Marner and the no-trade clause trump card that he holds will prevail above all and that they don't think he's gonna waiver. I don't think it's in his best interest not to."

Seravalli believes that won't be the case, due to the fact that he expects the Maple Leafs to apply a ton of pressure to Marner in the coming days.

"I think the Toronto Maple Leafs are going to do everything within their power to try and make something happen," admitted Seravalli.

Seravalli also laid out his reason for why he believes such an approach could work on Marner in particular.

"This is a guy that can't handle the playoffs," said Seravalli. "This is one of the most sensitive guys in the league in terms of coverage, how is it gonna work out for him next year when the Leafs tell everyone 'Yeah we tried to move him and he said no.'"

Seravalli's perspective largely comes down to the fact that he simply doesn't see any path forward for Marner in Toronto.

"You're not extending him, meaning one year from now it's over," said Seravalli. "You're not moving him at the deadline, so what sense would it possibly make for you to go into next season saying 'We're just gonna use the last year of his deal and let him walk for nothing' this is it! I don't understand why anyone looks at it from any other way, anything else is illogical."

It sounds like it could be a huge week leading up to the NHL Draft for both Marner and the Toronto Maple Leafs.