Marc Andre Fleury adds a special message from his dad to his helmet.

Fleury calls on his dad to help him turn things around.

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It has been something of a rough year for veteran goaltender Marc Andre Fleury, but as has always been the case in his career Fleury simply faces adversity head on and always marches forward.

This time though things are a little different for Fleury. The biggest challenge he has faced this year has been the loss of his father, Andre Fleury, a devastating and tragic loss for the Fleury family, Andre was only 63 when he passed. Not only has this proven to be a difficult hurdle for Fleury in and of itself, but he has also lost a key piece of his support system, making future challenges he will face all that much more difficult. Fleury's birthday came just one day after his father's passing no less, so that must have made things especially difficult for the beloved netminder. 

Fleury has also struggled on the ice, recording a 2.85 goals against average and a .906 save percentage on the season, and his Golden Knights have also struggled around him resulting in the recent firing of now former Golden Knights head coach Gerard Gallant. As you would expect all of this at once has made things very difficult on the man simply known as "Flower" however Fleury appears to have once again found a way to persevere. Although his father may not be with him in person, he remains with his son in spirit and Fleury made damn sure of that this week when he added a very special touch to his helmet. 

The veteran goaltender had a very special message from his father placed on his helmet, although the message itself is in French so you may not be able to ready it. It roughly translates to "Keep your eye on it. You practice as you play. Have fun.” It is a powerful message, and one made all that much stronger by the fact that it is simply signed "Dad." The message is a direct quote from Fleury's father, although it is unclear if it came from something in particular or if it was merely something that Andre Fleury was fond of saying during his time on this earth. 

Personally it warms me to see Fleury paying such a great tribute to his late father, and I sincerely hope it helps him get through this difficult season.