Marc-Andre Fleury exits game after bad collision behind the net!

Marc-Andre Fleury exits game after bad collision behind the net!

Uh oh…



Bad news came in the third period of the game between the Florida Panthers and the Minnesota Wild as the latter was forced to announced that beloved goalie Marc-Andre Fleury would not return to action.

Flower exited the game after 30 minutes of action. The team announced that he would not return due to an upper-body injury.

The Wild also announced that Connor Dewar (lower body) will not return to tonight's game as well. 

Earlier in the evening, in what has been a crazy content between the Panther and the Wild, there was a collision behind Fleury’s net that could be at the center of this aforementioned injury.

In the first frame, a melee broke out behind the Wild’s net after Will Lockwood knocked Fleury to the ice while he was out playing the puck. Lockwood was pummelled by Fleury’s teammates, who came to his aid, though the netminder stayed in the game at that time.

Zach Bogosian dropped his gloves and grabbed Lockwood and ended up delivering several uppercuts to the head with many penalties called on the sequence. Later on, Brandon Duhaime went over to Lockwood to fight him in what was one hell of a punchout. The two exchanged brutal blows before it all came to an halt with Duhaime ending the fight with a KO punch to Lockwood’s chin.

The Panthers forward was out cold and needed help to make it to his team’s dressing room. While Duhaime was ruthless during the fight, he immediately checked on Lockwood after seeing him go down.

The Wild is back in action on Sunday against the Hurricanes in Carolina and it is expected that the team will provide an update on the status of Fleury.

The Wild still managed to hold on to the lead following Fleury's exit, but barely. Minnesota ended up winning 6-4 over the Panthers in quite an intense match up.

Let's hope for the best for Fleury.

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Source: Wild, PR