Marc-Andre Fleury linked to Stanley Cup contender in trade.

Marc-Andre Fleury linked to Stanley Cup contender in trade.

National Hockey League insider believes Marc-Andre Fleury could soon be moved.

Jonathan Larivee

We are still several weeks removed from the National Hockey League's upcoming trade deadline for the 2023-24 regular season, but trade chatter around the league has started to pick up significantly as that date begins to get closer and closer.

One particularly interesting note this week came courtesy of NHL insider Elliotte Friedman who, during a live appearance in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, dropped some pretty big hints regarding the future of Minnesota Wild goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury. During the broadcast, Friedman named the Colorado Avalanche as the team he believes to be the most likely destination for Fleury in the event that the Wild continue to struggle in the standings.

"I'll tell you this," began Friedman on the 32 Thoughts Podcast. "Marc-Andre Fleury has the right to call his shot... but, if we get to a point where the Wild are out, to me Colorado is one of those teams that is gonna ask 'Marc-Andre Fleury would you be interested in this?'"

Friedman did allow room for one other team to enter the mix here however, with the NHL insider listing the Carolina Hurricanes as the other potential bidder for Fleury's services.

"The other team that screams Fleury to me is Carolina," said Friedman. "That's the other team I look at and say if Marc-Andre Fleury wants to go somewhere they will ask him."

Friedman also acknowledged that the New Jersey Devils are in the goaltending market, but he does not believe they will be interested in the short-term rental situation that would be the Fleury trade, instead the insider expects the Devils will seek out something more long term.