Marc Andre Fleury reveals what he said to Jack Hughes.

Marc Andre Fleury reveals what he said to Jack Hughes.

Marc-Andre Fleury was spotted having a chat with Jack Hughes last night, but what were they saying?

Jonathan Larivee

The Minnesota Wild traveled to New Jersey on Sunday night to face off against the Devils, with the Devils emerging victorious by a score of 4-3. During the game however there was something of a strange interaction between two of the top stars on the ice, beloved Wild goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury and Devils star forward Jack Hughes.

Fleury approached Hughes after Hughes made his way to  the front of Fleury's crease which initially caused the Devils forward to back off and raise his hand defensively. Some words were exchanged between the two men and Hughes' apprehension quickly turned to laughter as whatever Fleury said to him caused the young forward to smile from ear to ear.

But what was it that Fleury said to prompt such a reaction?

While he didn't go into great detail, the veteran Fleury revealed on Monday that he was actually trying to gain a competitive advantage by chatting up the young NHL star on Sunday night.

"The puck was going behind the net," revealed Fleury on Monday. "it was a little chit-chat."

As you can see from the replay Fleury is indeed telling the truth about the puck going behind the net, and it would seem this was his way of taking the dynamic Hughes right out of the play. Not only did the crafty veteran's trick appear to work, but it may very well be what caused Hughes to laugh once he realized what was going on.