Marc-Andre Fleury uses Tinder to pull epic prank on teammate!
Bruce Kluckhohn / Minnesota Wild  

Marc-Andre Fleury uses Tinder to pull epic prank on teammate!

“A mastermind,” says former Penguins teammate.



Minnesota Wild goalie Marc-Andre Fleury has made a name for himself as the best prankster in NHL history. So much so that Joe Smith of the Athletic wrote a full article on the net minder’s top pranks. While fans have heard about some of the beloved goalie’s best jokes, there is one that stands out in the article because it’s rarely been shared out to the public before.

And it’s epic.

Smith was told by some former players and coaches that Fleury played matchmaker by pulling a hilarious prank on one of the trainers using the Tinder app. Rich Tocchet then a Pittsburgh assistant coach and now in charge of the Vancouver Canucks’ bench, revealed how Fleury managed to get a hold of one of the trainers’ phone only to download Tinder and fake message a woman.

“Tocchet recalls Fleury’s fake message: “‘I’m (a trainer) for the Penguins, we won the Cup last year, if you want to come to the game,’ That was the long and short of it.

“(Fleury) got her front-row seats, club seats. He rolled out the red carpet for her. They were packing the bus up, and the girl was with the families in that section and waiting. So (the trainer) walks by her and has no clue. She’s like, ‘Do I give him a hug or say hi?’ He was like, ‘What is this girl doing?’ That was all Flower! But they ended up dating for a couple months, so the story turned out really good.”

Fleury revealed how he got a hold of the trainer’s phone during free time and was glad that the staff member got a date out of it.

The article recaps the best pranks by Flower, but this one, is quite hard to beat in my book.

On Wednesday, Fleury pulled another prank, because no birthday is safe with Flower: 

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Source: Joe Smith