Marc Methot roasts Erik Karlsson and Craig Anderson.
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Marc Methot roasts Erik Karlsson and Craig Anderson.

Marc Methot throws his former teammates right under the bus after being called out on social media.

Jonathan Larivee

Hockey fans have incredibly long memories and unfortunately that is especially true when it comes to moments that produce a negative emotional reaction. For that reason you'll often see fans discussing moments that have long since happened on social media even years after the fact, often times still expressing their disbelief that it happened at all even years later.

It would appear that the same is true for the players themselves, at least when it comes to former Ottawa Senators defenseman Marc Methot. Methot caught wind of some disappointed fans of the Ottawa Senators discussing a rather infamous goal from Toronto Maple Leafs star forward Auston Matthews, one in which Matthews embarrasses a number of players playing for the Senators at the time.

This is the play/goal in question:

Methot is of course on the wrong side of that particular highlight but when it comes to taking blame for the unfortunate situation, from the perspective of the Senators at least, Methot is simply having none of it. When one disappointed Sens fan argued that "every sens player was soft as baby shit here" Methot fired back by not only defending himself, but also by throwing a pair of former teammates under the bus.

"I legitimately do not think I could have played this better," wrote Methot. "I blame my partner followed by Craig Anderson for playing behind the goal line."

That "partner" is of course none other than San Jose Sharks star defenseman Erik Karlsson, a player many believe will win the Norris Trophy for this season, and he does get his pocket picked by Matthews on the play. Methot is of course just having some fun at the expense of his former teammates and it's fantastic.