Marc Methot slams critics of Canada's World Championship roster.
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Marc Methot slams critics of Canada's World Championship roster.

The former National Hockey League defenseman had a few words for those that have been critical of Canada's assembled roster.

Jonathan Larivee

The IIHF's World Championship now has a final set in stone with both Canada and Germany advancing over their opponents in a pair of semi final matchups that were held on Saturday. It was a big moment for both squads as they had to contend with difficult opponents, with the Canadians overcoming an early deficit to defeat Latvia and the Germans taking an overtime win over team USA that has now lost in the semi-finals of the World Championship for the 15th consecutive time.

Canada advances to the final in spite of the fact that many were critical of Canada's chosen roster for the tournament, a fact that former NHL defenseman Marc Methot was quick to remind everyone of on Saturday. Methot, who clearly took exception to a lot of the comments that were being made about the quality of this roster, took the opportunity to slam all those critics on Saturday although he did so while avoiding naming anyone in particular.

"Anybody here feel like joining me in the comments and dunking on everyone who crapped all over this roster?" wrote Methot on Saturday morning after Canada defeated the Latvians.

After seemingly receiving a number of the responses he was soliciting, Methot declared himself satisfied.

"My work here is done." said a pleased Methot.

There remains one challenge for this Canadian roster to overcome, and they will get the chance to do so on Sunday when they take on Germany in the Gold Medal game.