Marchand and Zibanejad get in epic standoff, end it in rock-paper-scissors showdown!

This was a looooooong one. Zambonis went around them!


This is one of hockey’s greatest past times it seems. On Friday night, as the New York Rangers hosted the Boston Bruins, warmup took place as usual. But then, one pesty Bruins’ player, also known as Brad Marchand wanted to be the last one on the MSG ice. Mika Zibanejad was having none of it. 

The two players therefore got into an epic standoff, spending more than seven extra minutes on the ice to be the last one standing. Zambonis went around them, but neither was giving up. 

Zibanejed then challenged Marchand to a rock-paper-scissors showdown match, which the Rangers’ star player won. Marchand was forced to leave the ice first, with Mika the ultimate winner. 

Check it out: 

We wonder if Marchand will make his rival pay during the game. But rules are rules, and the Bruins’ pest agreed to follow them!