Marchand chirps teammate DeBrusk on social media after NHL 19 challenge

Classic Marchy!

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In case you haven’t noticed, NHL players take their rankings in EA Sports’ NHL 19 VERY seriously. And apparently Boston Bruins forwards Brad Marchand and Jake DeBrusk aren’t happy with their slap shot ratings, so they took to the ice to see who was the better clapper.

Check out this video in which Marchand and DeBrusk fire slap shots at each others HUT (Hockey Ultimate Team) cards in a battle for slap shot supremacy:

In true Marchand fashion, even though DeBrusk emerged as the winner, Marchy couldn’t let him get off so easily. The NHL’s #1 pest fired a social media chirp back at DeBrusk, check it out:

Classic Marchy… never change, Brad. Never.