Marchand completely whiffs in all-time shootout fail, costs Bruins a win

What are you doing, Marchy!?

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In case you missed it last night, Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand made an absolute fool of him self in the shootout against the Philadelphia Flyers with a display that can only be described as an all-time shootout fail.

With the game on the line, in a “score or go-home” scenario, Marchand came flying through the neutral zone, picked up the puck and… WHOOOOOOOOPS! 

Check it out:

Uh… WHAT?!

Have you EVER seen such a bizarre ending to a game? Did Marchand even touch the puck? What happens? Well… evidently he did and nudged it forward just enough to have the play count as an official shootout attempt. And because Flyers forward Travis Konecny scored on the attempt just prior, Marchand effectively cost his team a win. Ouch.