Marchand rips his teammates on social media!


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Players across the National Hockey League are getting adjusted to the life inside the bubble in the two different hub cities and it seems like the Boston Bruins are having a good time.

That’s until Brad Marchand comes in and rips them apart, of course. 

The Bruins’ Twitter account caught some of the players in action on the basketball court on Thursday, ahead of that evening’s exhibition game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, and let’s just say the boys did not look very good at that sport. 

That’s why Marchand had no shame in ripping them apart on his Twitter account, reminding them that the objective in basketball is to get the ball through the net. 

You have to admit they are indeed pretty brutal. 

That happened before Marchand got injured in the exhibition game against Colmubus, which the Bruins lost 4-1. 

It is great to see the Bruins’ players having some fun in Toronto. On Tuesday night, it was David Pastrnak who went viral on social media when he tweeted out that Washington Capitals’ tough guy and skilled player Tom Wilson was the best goal scorer in the league. It caught everyone’s attention and it was soon put out there that someone had stolen Pasta’s phone in order to tweet out this love note to Wilson. Pasta finally explained why he posted the tweet after the Bruins’ exhibition game.

Bubble hockey is something else… clearly, the Bruins are way better at it than basketball!