Marchand sounds off on arrest of 'good friend' Milan Lucic.

Marchand sounds off on arrest of 'good friend' Milan Lucic.

Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand spoke to the media Saturday following the arrest of his 'good friend' Milan Lucic.

Jonathan Larivee

Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic was arrested following an alleged domestic incident this weekend and as a result he has taken an indefinite leave of absence from the team effective immediately. In spite of the fact that Lucic won't be around the team, his teammates were left to deal with the fallout stemming from that alleged incident when they faced members of the media ahead of their game on Saturday.

Front and center was longtime teammate Brad Marchand who played during both of Lucic's tenures with the Bruins, with March admitting that the men have long been friends.

"But obviously I’ve known Looch for a long time, he’s a very good friend and it’s tough to see your teammates and your friends going through stuff like this – and their family," said Marchand on Saturday.

Marchand also expressed his concern for the family and vowed that the Bruins organization would be there to support them.

"Definitely worried about Brit and the kids and Looch himself, but they have all the support in the world. Anything they need, we're going to be here for them," added Marchand.

Marchand made it clear that he did not have any additional details to share regarding the situation itself, and was instead focused on making it clear that the Bruins would help guide the Lucic family through this ugly situation.

"We're obviously aware of what happened last night with Looch and the biggest thing for us is we care a lot about their family," said Marchand. "We are family in here, we’re all very very close, so we’re obviously very concerned and upset for them and what they’re going through."