Marchand targets teammate Krug in first ruthless Instagram post!

Here they go again... this is getting nasty!

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We knew Brad Marchand would get his revenge... 

Marchand and Torey Krug often have fun on social media, calling out one another in a ridiculous 'who is the tallest' feud. Every chance they get, they insult the other with some comment about height and performance, which keeps fans entertained and loving the team chemistry in Bean Town. 

However, on Wednesday night, it seems like Krug crossed a line. 

Marchand announced on his Twitter account that he was getting ready to open an official Instagram page on Friday, asking people to subscribe if they are looking for good entertainment. Krug did not waste time calling out his teammate, saying that he must desperately want people's approval to ask for a follow - however, he said it in a way to make sure to get to Marchand. 

“Please follow me on instagram”- someone who needs approval because his center doesn’t even like him ," with a GIF of Patrice Bergeron hitting his visor to tell him to shut up against an opponent. 

Marchand did not like the fact that Krug brought beloved Bergeron into it, and promises that he will have to pay, saying that he crossed a line and that "it is on now!"

And on Friday, one of his first Instragram posts was another attack on the small Krug. 

We bet Krug will have an answer for that...

At least, the Bruins are winning so, we can have a little fun on the side.