Marcus Foligno calls out the NHL's “bullshit” officiating in Game 4.
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Marcus Foligno calls out the NHL's “bullshit” officiating in Game 4.

Minnesota Wild forward Marcus Foligno was furious after Game 4, and he wasn't concerned about any fines.

Jonathan Larivee

Game 4 between the Minnesota Wild and the Dallas Stars will go down as a controversial one, with many on the Minnesota Wild side of the equation leaving the game feeling like they got a raw deal from the National Hockey League's officials. None more so than veteran Wild forward Marcus Foligno.

Following the conclusion of Game 4, Foligno made no effort to hide his disdain, or avoid any potential fines, when he slammed the officiating in Sunday's game. Specifically, Foligno objected to a pair of penalty calls that had been made against him during the course of the game.

The first, an interference call that Foligno argues should have been fair game, and a highly controversial "tripping" call that would be levied against Foligno at a pivotal moment late in the game's third period.

”It’s a joke. It doesn’t make any sense," said Foligno on Sunday. "I go to hit a guy who touches the puck. It’s not interference. I go, I get high-sticked in the face. It’s not a tripping call when you hit a guy clean on. It’s bullshit.”

Foligno also indicated that he had received no explanation for why the call was made, and used the word "arrogant" to describe what he did encounter from the NHL officials on the ice Sunday night.