Mark Scheifele facing suspension after being called by NHL Player Safety



NHL Player Safety has scheduled a hearing with Winnipeg Jets forward Mark Scheifele later today to discuss discipline for Scheifele's hit on Montreal Canadiens forward Jake Evans from Game 2 last night.

 Because Scheifele was not offered an 'in-person' hearing, we can deduce that the maximum penalty he'll receive is a five game suspension. Personally, given Scheifele's history I'd expect him to get a one, maybe two game suspension.

And in case you missed it last night Evans effectively iced the game late in the third period with an empty netter, but before he could celebrate the goal he got absolutely TRUCKED Scheifele.

Here's the play in question:

Here's another look at the hit:

Evans' face absolutely smashes the ice, but it looks like he may have even been out cold before he hit the ice. He was stretchered off the ice and was moving his hands as he was taken off the ice.

During live play I literally gasped out loud at the hit and called for a 5 minute major for charging. I mean, Scheifele comes barrelling in on Evans and just separates him from his senses. But, on second viewing I'm not so sure that this is a textbook charging call. Sure, Scheifele is moving at a high rate of speed, but he clearly glides and doesn't stride into the hit. Officially Scheifele received a five minute major for the hit which didn't matter much given the score and the late stage of the game. It'll be interesting to see what is waiting for him from NHL Player Safety after his hearing today.

I think we can safely assume that Scheifele will be sitting out some time due to this poor decision. I'd suspect a one or two game suspension given that he has no prior history and that he did't appear to lift his elbow or his stick to catch Evans. This was clearly a situation of a frustrated player catching an opponent in a vulnerable position, a position which should enable you to stop up. In Scheifele's case though he elected to play right through Evans, again likely due to frustration on his own behalf. And well... if he was frustrated before just imagine the frustration he'll feel while watching his team from the press box.