Marleau’s reaction to Leafs elimination will break your heart

The young guns will have another chance, how about Pat?

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If you had to cheer for a player in the Toronto Maple Leafs roster to beat the Boston Bruins in Game 7 last night and make it to the second round, one step closer to the Stanley Cup, it had to be Patrick Marleau. 

The veteran forward, who will turn 40 in September, is still looking to win his first Stanley Cup and thought the Leafs had a great lineup this year to make it past the Bruins, unlike last spring. 

However, it was deja-vu all over again. 

After the game, reporters went over to Marleau to get his reaction to his team’s elimination and what he told them will break your heart. 

“Never gets easier that’s for sure. Still stings the same as always. Still looking for that first Stanley Cup.”

Marleau still has a year left on his current deal and could help the Leafs make it further next spring. However, as we all know, Toronto faces many hard decisions with pending free agents this summer. 

The heartbreaking thing is also that Marleau’s former team, the San Jose Sharks who selected him second overall in the 1997 draft, are moving on to the second round after beating the Vegas Golden Knights in a controversial Game 7 later last night. 

We are sure Marleau is thrilled for his buddies and veteran forward Joe Thornton. Still, we feel for him…