Marner adamantly denies rumours that he wants to change role

“It’s a complete lie.”


Mitch Marner got his courage together and met with media members on Wednesday morning as the Toronto Maple Leafs cleaned out their dressing room following another Game 7 collapse, this time at the hands of the Montreal Canadiens. 

He faced many questions on how he felt and quickly revealed that he deleted all of his social media accounts ahead of the postseason. 

“Social media is a great thing, but it can be terrible too.”

While he may not be connected to all the social media apps, he has heard from his agent about the chatter that he supposedly refused to change his role on the Maple Leafs’ power play. It did not take long for the forward to deny the rumours. 

“It’s a complete lie. It’s just people trying to get their name out there. It sucks that stuff like that’s being said. I think everyone can see I’ll try and play any role I can to help this team win.”

What isn’t a lie is that Toronto has now lost seven straight post-season series, and dropped eight consecutive contests where it could have eliminated an opponent. That includes seven since 2018 with the core of Auston Matthews, Marner and William Nylander.

“We’re all very disappointed because we had such high faith in ourselves and confidence that we were a team that can do a lot of damage and be special and obviously it hurts that we didn’t live up to our own expectations.”

Marner did not score a single goal in the series, collecting four assists in seven games, and fans were quick to point out his $11 million price tag. 

Some of us are pretty sure he would give up that money to make a long playoff run - for once!