Maroon tells off media again AFTER Game 7 win

Again? This guy can't help himself!


While the entire Blues’ dressing room was over the moon to be win the Stanley Cup in seven games over the Boston Bruins last night, no one is more excited than Pat Maroon to bring the prestigious trophy back to St. Louis. 

The St. Louis native made a lot of sacrifices to be where he stands today, playing his first eight NHL seasons away from his son Anthony, who lived with his mother in the St. Louis suburbs.

Finally last summer, he decided to agree to less money and term to be home with his son and have a shot at the Stanley Cup. 

"It's meant the world to me," Maroon said. "As a kid, you dream of this your whole life and to come back home and play for your team you grew up watching your whole life, and to actually live out your dream and actually put your skates on and play (in) the Stanley Cup finals, it's a pretty cool moment for me. Not only a cool moment for me, but my dad that's been a season ticket holder and Blues fan, my mom, my family, my son. It's been really cool and very special: a lot of highs, a lot of lows, but we're getting through this together."

While Maroon was obviously emotional during his on-ice interview after the win, he went back to his old ways in the dressing room as he decided to take one final shot at the media. 

Prior to Game 7, Maroon had told off media in an interview, and went back at it after his first Stanley Cup win, per NHL’s Lou Korac

"We deserved this. What a way to finish it, on the road where we played great and all these people, all these media doubted us all year long and we shoved it right up their ass."

You gotta love the guy. 

I personally hope he gets a great contract extension to stay with the Blues and close to his son Anthony - despite using bad language in front of him. :P