Martin Brodeur discusses the possibility of becoming the next Devils GM.

The Devils legend to become GM?

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The New Jersey Devils are in the middle of an extensive search for a new general manager, and some reports suggest a new head coach as well, and as you would expect there is one particularly legendary name that continues to come up in these discussions, the name of former Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur

It makes sense given that Brodeur has been working as an NHL executive for several years now, starting his career in the St. Louis Blues front office before eventually coming back to where he made a name for himself, New Jersey. Brodeur, although relatively inexperienced compared to many current general managers in the National Hockey League, would have a wealth of experience to draw on in the role, but it sounds like the man himself is not willing to step into shoes that big just yet. Recently Brodeur revealed that family commitments in St. Louis make it impossible for him to take on such a large role in New Jersey.

"The reason why I went back to New Jersey is because I was able to control my time – because I’m not moving from St. Louis yet, and I have a 10-year-old at home who does all the activities in the world," Brodeur said as per The Hockey News. "I know what it takes to be a GM. I’ve been around Doug Armstrong for a long time and Lou Lamoriello. I’m just not ready for the commitment, regardless of whether it would be offered to me."

It seems clear to me that what Brodeur values most in his current role with the Devils is the level of personal freedom it provides him in his daily life. The man has already made great deal of money during his career in the NHL and as a result likely doesn't need a big time salary in order to live a happy life, and family does indeed appear to be what makes him happy. Brodeur however did not completely rule out the possibility of taking on the role sometime in the distant future.

"I’m not saying that one day, I won’t say, ‘You know what? This is the time for me to do it, maybe.’ But right now, I value my time off too much to get myself involved. Not that I’m not involved, as in my role I need to be pretty much present, but I’m able to kind of make my own schedule and not rely on the general manager setup."