Martin Necas has candid answer to Jacob Trouba’s flying elbow attack!

Martin Necas has candid answer to Jacob Trouba’s flying elbow attack!

This crazy dangerous attempted move from Game 2 has gone viral, and Necas has something to say about it ahead of Game 3:

Chris Gosselin

The video has gone viral since last night. Pretty much everyone has seen New York Rangers captain Jacob Trouba attempting to throw a check on Carolina Hurricanes forward Martin Necas early in the first overtime of Game 2. On the sequence, Trouba goes in, diving for a dangerous, but Necas ducks in time and avoids the check, sending the Blue Shirts’ defenseman flying into the boards.

If you’ve been living under a rock, this is the flying elbow in question:

Both parties were okay, and no infraction was called, though Trouba has been trending all Wednesday with fans demanding a suspension or fine for his dangerous attempted hit.

When asked about the flying check, Necas admitted that he didn’t even know what happened in the moment. He only noticed Trouba barreling towards him and he dropped just under the flying elbow that came his way. Trouba hit the boards and both players moved on.

On Wednesday, Necas explained the hit as best he could after seeing it following the 4-3 double overtime loss in New York.

“I saw it on a replay after the game. I mean it’s whatever. Good for him, he ran into the boards head first.

“Good to dodge the hit as it probably wouldn’t have ended well, but I’m here, it’s fine.”

The Canes’ forward then had this candid response to Trouba’s attempt and his reputation as a player in the NHL:

“Elbow me in the head, I guess,” Necas said when asked about Trouba’s potential intentions with the hit. “Maybe he was protecting himself from going into the boards, but he knows. He knows. Everyone knows what kind of player he is. I mean good for him. Nothing happened. We’re all good and I’m excited for the next game.”

The Hurricanes know all to well what a dangerous hit from Trouba can lead to. During the Canes’ 2021 second round series, the Rangers’ defender delivered a hit to the head of Seth Jarvis, who still can’t remember the play and suffered from concussion symptoms for multiple months afterwards.

Necas knows how lucky he is, but also wants to focus on the future. Game 3 comes tomorrow in Raleigh and since Trouba did not take him out, he wants to zone in on getting a win into this series.

“He didn’t even hit me so nothing happened. We’re past that. Onto the next game.”

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