Mason Marchment calls out NHL over controversial call in Game 6.

Mason Marchment calls out NHL over controversial call in Game 6.

The Dallas Stars forward is not buying the explanation that he received from the National Hockey League.

Jonathan Larivee

The National Hockey League would have a major controversy on its hands today if the Dallas Stars had not scored a second time during the overtime frames on Friday night, but thankfully for the league Matt Duchene played overtime hero in Game 6 and sent the Stars to the conference final.

Early during overtime the league had denied an overtime and series-clinching goal from Dallas Stars forward Mason Marchment due to goaltender interference. There has already been a fair bit of controversy surrounding goaltender interference in these 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs, and on Friday night the NHL added fuel to that fire when they decided to rule that Marchment's series-winning goal was no good.

Here's a close up and slow-motion look at the moment in question.

Following the game Marchment was asked about the ruling and it doesn't sound like he was very happy with the explanation he received from the league. Not only did Marchment express his displeasure with the call on the ice, and the call upon review, but he went so far as to suggest that the NHL needs to make some drastic changes in order for there to be confidence in their rulings.

"The explanation I got was that [Matt Duchene]'s ass was over the line," said Marchment. "His feet were outside but his ass was over the line."

Marchment's comment about what he believes really happened is damning for the integrity of the NHL.

"Yeah I think they honestly didn't want to make it a deciding goal," said Marchment.

Marchment, like many fans and pundits, feels changes need to be made.

"I think there's gotta be some sort of standard you know?" said Marchment. "You can't push a guy into your own goalie and it not be goaltender interference. There's just gotta be some sort of standard."

I believe that Marchment's comments will resonate with many fans around the league.