Massive Media FAIL by French newspaper!

This is BRUTAL

Massive Media FAIL by French newspaper!

If you are a fan of hockey or at least follow the NHL, you know how badly the Columbus Blue Jackets beat up on the Montreal Canadiens last night.

However, the people at Le Devoir apparently didn't.

In their weekend edition. They put a picture of the Buffalo Sabres who were apparently the ones who destroyed the Habs last night. In the picture you can see Jack Eichel and Zach Bogosian celebrate with a Canadiens player in the background. They even mention in the picture description that Eichel is congratulating Bogosian on his goal. Not bad for two injured players.

Ok, so Le Devoir is definitely not known for their sports, but when your paper is from Quebec where the Canadiens are from, don't you think someone will notice??

Someone at Le Devoir is definitely getting fired over this one.