Massive rule change for shootouts

Will other leagues be influenced?

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The new season has started in the KHL and already, the players will have to adjust to a rule change. 

According to the KHL reporter Aivis Kalnins, the League has changed the format of the shootouts. Effective immediately, the shootouts will be five rounds, instead of three, like in the previous season. 

The National Hockey League has not made any modification to the shootout format for the upcoming season. The NHL format is a three-round shootout with tiebreaker rounds as needed. 

A change was made to the overtime format before the start of the 2015-16 season; 3-on-3 skaters were used for the entirety of a five-minute overtime period for a regular season game. 

Would fans prefer a five-round format similar to the one of the KHL? The NHL might keep an eye on how it works out in Europe before considering a change...