Mat Barzal leaves Sidney Crosby bloody on New Year's Eve!

Mat Barzal leaves Sidney Crosby bloody on New Year's Eve!

Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby was leaking all over the ice on Sunday night after Mat Barzal caught him up him.

Jonathan Larivee

Sidney Crosby will be looking a little meaner than expected at his New Year's Eve celebration later tonight.

On Sunday night Crosby and the Penguins faced off against the New York Islanders and things got off to a solid start for Crosby and company. The Penguins took a 2 goal lead over their division rivals but during the second period Crosby would hit a bit of a bump in the road courtesy of Islanders star forward Mat Barzal.

As Barzal was sending the puck down the ice, his follow through would catch the Penguins captain up high in the face, sending him crashing to the ice. There was no question that Crosby's injury was legitimate as the Penguins captain left a crimson trail behind him as he slid all the way down to the Penguins end of the ice from the neutral zone.

Thankfully Crosby was able to skate away under his own power, but he did have to leave the game for repairs.

Update: Crosby has returned to the bench and is sporting a gnarly cut on his cheek from the incident.