Mathieu Joseph eats a truly Canadian meal out of the Stanley Cup.

Mathieu Joseph celebrates in true Quebecois fashion.


The Stanley Cup is the most sacred trophy in all of hockey, but in spite of its near sacred status the Stanley Cup is used in all kinds of wild ways when it comes time to celebrate.

Lord Stanley's Cup has been through a tremendous deal over the years including being damaged, having Kris Draper's young daughter poop in it, Red Kelly's son pee in it, and it has even been used to baptize a child.  The most common way it is used to celebrate however is to be used as a gigantic food bowl, a tradition that has lasted for many, many years now.

The most recent example of this comes courtesy of Tampa Bay Lightning forward Mathieu Joseph who over the weekend took the Stanley Cup back home to his home province of Quebec, Canada when it was his turn to celebrate with it. We don't know all of the things that Joseph chose to do with the most prestigious trophy in the sport of hockey, but one of the things he did was to eat a truly Canadian meal directly from the Cup itself.

In a video published by the Tampa Bay Lightning on social media, Joseph can be seen sitting in front of a gigantic bowl of french fries and curd cheese, two of the three ingredients in the popular Canadian dish poutine. The third ingredient, gravy, quickly follows as a huge flow of the stuff is poured from a big pot. It is probably not the meal his nutritionist or dietician would advise him to eat as a professional athlete, but it definitely serves as an excellent cheat meal.

Although poutine is an extremely popular food in Canada, the dish has its origins in the province of Quebec where Joseph is from and has reached a level of popularity in that province that may be unparalleled anywhere else in the world. No doubt it is a meal that Joseph has loved for quite a long time and no doubt it is a meal that he can't often indulge in given the athletic requirements of his career. It is wonderful that he got to enjoy it in such a spectacular fashion.