Matt Murray appears to get injured in first minutes of the 1st game!

Uh oh…

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The Pittsburgh Penguins decided to use both goalies in Tuesday’s exhibition game against their Pennsylvania rival, the Philadelphia Flyers. Matt Murray started the game, but we didn’t know how long he would last after appearing shaken up in the first minutes of the contest. 

The Penguins got caught in a turn over and Flyers’ Sean Couturier and Jakub Voracek were quick to pounce on the puck and head towards Murray. The Pens’ goalie had to stretch to make a big toe save in the first minutes of the game and was quite slow to get up after that save. 

He managed to get up and skated around on the ice once the whistle was blown. He later gave up two goals in the first period, but the second goal can easily be blamed on teammate Evgeni Malkin, who messed up on the play and allowed the Flyers to head back to the dressing room with the lead. 

There have been lots of chatter on what will happen to Murray after the postseason as he is set to become a free agent and has Tristan Jarry taking on a bigger role on the roster. 

He took over once the second period hit the halfway mark: we will see how much better than Murray he can be, and if Murray himself is alright after the game.