Matt Murray lands in cheating scandal after game vs. Minnesota!

All eyes on him now!

Published 1 year ago
Matt Murray lands in cheating scandal after game vs. Minnesota!
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Matt Murray may have been doing well since he returned from injury to the Toronto Maple Leafs, he has also been trending for being deemed a cheater.

During Wednesday night’s game against the New Jersey Devils, Murray slid into the post and dislodged the net. Of course, outrage ensued - that was in the same contest that the Devils were disallowed three goals and home fans threw garbage on the ice. Fans accused him of doing it purposefully, while some blamed the flexible plastic pegs…

It happens, sure… but HOW OFTEN, though?

On Friday afternoon against Minnesota, Murray was caught once again knocking the net off the moorings, so much that the referees finally went to have a chat with him and kept their eyes on the goalie for the remainder of the contest.

Murray’s action quickly enraged fans on social media, and even Wild insiders, who commented on how the netminder attempted to make it seems like an accident, when now, it has happened too many times to have him innocent. Maybe believe he should now be penalized or even get suspended for his cheating ways.

Michael Russo might be biased you”ll say, but even insider David Alter in Toronto poked fun at Murray for his shenanigans, turning the controversial moves into a drinking game.

The knocking of the net has been a recurring issue in the NHL, enough that NHL GMs discussed it at their latest round of meetings.

“We said, ‘Is that a trend – the goalie, when he’s under pressure, knocking the net off – and if so, how do you want us to deal with it?” NHL Director of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell said. “Do you want us to give a penalty? They might want us to give him a penalty now, until it happens to them.”

Let’s ask Murray, shall we?