Matt Rempe reveals what would be “pretty damn cool”

Is it time for the Rempire State Building to return?

Michael W.

The New York Rangers are looking to bounce back after their 3-0 shutout loss to the Florida Panthers at Madison Square Garden in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Final. Should they ultimately fail later this evening in Game 2, it's going to be a tall order for them to mount a comeback effort against a team like the Panthers. 

Ahead of tonight's Game 2, speculation abounds as to whether or not Rangers head coach Peter Laviolette will insert some toughness into the lineup with towering rookie forward Matt Rempe, who hasn't played since Game 5 against the Carolina Hurricanes earlier this month. 

Needless to say, Rempe is ready to go if his number his called by Laviolette.

"If that happens, I want to be buzzing. Anytime you get an opportunity, you want to make the most of it," Rempe said. "This is awesome. Eastern Conference final. Come on. It's the best."

In the meantime, Rempe made the most of his time on his recent off-day, hitting up an Escape Room with Adam Edstrom: 

NHL Hall of Famer and former Rangers captain Mark Messier recently suggested that it's time for New York to insert Rempe into the lineup: 

"Maybe they should think about putting Rempe in the lineup," Messier said Wednesday on the TNT panel. 

Naturally, Rempe heard about it and stated the obvious - it was pretty cool to have a legend like Messier speak positively about him. 

"It's unbelievable. Those guys are legends. To be talked about by them is pretty damn cool," he said. "If I get an opportunity, I want to make most of it. I don't want to let anyone down."

The Rangers take on the Panthers tonight from the Garden starting at 8:00 PM EST. Right now, it remains to be seen whether Rempe will be playing or not. 

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Source: ESPN