Matthew Knies fires shot at the Coyotes, Mullett Arena

The small venue has been the butt-end of jokes for some time now.



We're all aware of their years of ownership issues with the Arizona Coyotes, putting their future as an NHL franchise in serious doubt over the past decades. You would think that the fact that they were essentially kicked out of the arena they'd called home since late 2003 and forced to play in a collegiate rink that they wouldn't even have first billing rights on would be the ultimate embarrassment. 

Of course, there was also the humiliation of the fact that their new ECHL affiliate Atlanta Gladiators will be playing in a venue that seats 13,000 spectators, almost three time that of Mullett Arena at Arizona State University, which seats 4,800. 

Without question, it's the most unique building that a current National Hockey League team plays in, and has understandably been the butt end of jokes and criticism from fans and players alike. 

For Arizona native Matthew Knies, who plays on the Toronto Maple Leafs with another native of the Grand Canyon State by the name of Auston Matthews, his debut appearance at Mullett Arena will be a homecoming that he'll naturally have plenty of family and friends in attendance for.

And he couldn't resist a not-so-subtle jab at the venue, saying that the 40-50 people that will be there to watch him may as well be an entire section of the arena's seating chart. 

The fact that the National Hockey League has allowed this farce to continue is a joke in of itself. 

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Source: Twitter