Matthew Phillips snubs the Calgary Flames in free agency.
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Matthew Phillips snubs the Calgary Flames in free agency.

Matthew Phillips has said no to the Calgary Flames, and he did so in spite of the fact that they had a better offer.

Jonathan Larivee

It was one thing for Johnny Gaudreau to take less money as a free agent and depart the Calgary Flames in favor of the Columbus Blue Jackets, or to see Matthew Tkachuk demand a trade elsewhere but now the Flames are getting snubbed by the likes of Matthew Phillips.

On Sunday, National Hockey League insider Frank Seravalli published a damning report that appears to indicate that Phillips wants nothing to do with the Flames organization. Seravalli was reporting on the fact that Phillips has agreed to a one year deal with the Washington Capitals when he also revealed that Phillips had turned down a better offer from his now former team.

According to Seravalli, while the Capitals only offered Phillips a one year deal he opted to take that over the offer of a two year deal from the Flames.

It would be one thing if this was a standalone case, in fact it likely wouldn't make for much of a headline, but given the recent exodus of players from the Flames organization you do have to wonder what is going on to make all these players want out. Phillips is only the latest in a seemingly ever expanding list of players, and you also have to wonder who might be the next to go as a result.