Matthew Tkachuk calls out his team after yet another embarrassing loss.

Tkachuk not happy after another uninspired performance.


The Calgary Flames faced off against the Las Vegas Golden Knights on Sunday night and to suggest that it was an uninspired performance from the Calgary Flames would be a serious understatement. The Flames were terrible for the second straight game and many are wondering whether or not general manager Brad Treliving will have to step in and shake things up for his team, one way or another. 

The Flames were dominated on the scoreboard by the Golden Knights who would go on to blowout Calgary by a margin of 6 - 0, but it was not just the scoreboard that proved to be an issue for the Flames. Yes, it was the second game in a row in which the Flames had been completely shutout by their opponents, but the Flames were also dominated in the more physical aspects of the game. During the game 22 year old Flames defenseman Oliver Kylington was absolutely leveled by a huge hit from Golden Knights forward Ryan Reaves, one that sent Kylington straight to the locker room. Now Reaves is a tough customer so I don't necessarily blame the flames for not having a large number of guys willing to challenge him after such a hit, but Flames veteran Milan Lucic was on the ice and did not so much as look at Reaves sideways following that impact.

Lucic was seen jaw jacking with Reaves in between the play as both men sat on the bench, but when they once again met on the ice Lucic showed no indication that he was at all interested in coming to the defense of his teammate. 

One player was fired up however, even if it was only after the game, and that was Calgary Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk. The Flames agitator had some strong words to share with the media after the game and he made no bones about calling out his entire team for what he called their disgusting level of play as of late.

"It's disgusting," said Tkachuk as per Flames beat reporter Kristen Anderson. "It's bad. It's bad right now. We need to change this around ... something's gotta change here. We've gotta get back to the old us and get out of this little funk here because this is not fun."

I doubt that a few angry words from Tkachuk will be enough to turn the entire season around for the Flames, but the fans will no doubt be happy to see that at least one player on the roster is holding that locker room accountable.