Matthew Tkachuk flips out and throws a fit after Maple Leafs’ win

This is ridiculously funny!


All eyes were on Calgary Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk as his team faced the Toronto Maple Leafs once again on Tuesday night, expecting that someone would make him pay for what he did or what they thought he did to backup goalie Jack Campbell. At the end of Sunday’s contest, Tkachuk was accused of intentionally falling on Campbell, who will be out “weeks” with a leg injury suffered during the club’s 3-2 win over the Flames. While Campbell appeared to tweak something in his leg during the final minutes of the game, he remained in net to record his second victory of the season. A few plays after the injury occurred, Tkachuk fell on Campbell’s leg while attempting to score the tying goal. The Flames’ forward, who was already hearing it from Leafs’ fans, called it “classic” to accuse him of deliberately trying to injure the Leafs’ goalie after the game. 

And so we were waiting for some sort of payback or fight, but nothing came of it… until the last seconds of the game. 

As the Maple Leafs were waiting for the horn to announce their 4-3 victory over the Flames, Tkachuk sent the puck towards Toronto blue liner Jake Muzzin, who decided to flip it back at Tkachuk as the horn sounded.  

That didn’t go well with the Flames’ forward who was livid and flipped out on the ice, going after Muzzin trying to hit him and then threw a fit on his way out the tunnel, looking like an idiot in the process. 

While it was a bush league move from Muzzin, you have to admit Tkachuk’s reaction is over the top. 

Check it out: 

While I don’t agree Tkachuk is responsible for Campbell’s injury, I still find it hilarious that he went out of his way to look like a complete idiot in his team’s defeat. The Flames tried hard to come back into the game, however, Tkachuk had no point in the contest despite recording four shots on goal. Focus on playing Matthews, not on little tantrums and rivalries…