Matthew Tkachuk will invade the NBA playoffs tonight!  

Matthew Tkachuk will invade the NBA playoffs tonight!

Matthew Tkachuk's star has never burned brighter, and on Saturday night he will appear during the NBA playoffs.

Jonathan Larivee

Fans north of the border might be loathe to hear it, but the biggest star in the National Hockey League at the moment may be a forward on a team from South Florida.

On Saturday night, Florida Panthers star forward Matthew Tkachuk will transcend the barriers of his own sport when he will make an appearance during a National Basketball Association playoff game. Tkachuk is set to be live at Game 6 between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics on Saturday night, and no doubt Tkachuk will be there to promote the Stanley Cup Final that he and the Panthers will be participating in.

Tkachuk has drawn a great deal of attention lately in basketball circles thanks in no small part to former NBA star Charles Barkley who has sung Tkachuk's praises throughout the playoffs.

Tkachuk will appear with Barkley on TNT during the pregame show, and no doubt that chemistry between the two men will produce some must see TV.