Matthews lashes out on practice dummy during Leafs’ skate

​Someone is in a bitter mood…

Matthews lashes out on practice dummy during Leafs’ skate

Auston Matthews has garnered a lot of attention lately, following the charges of disorderly conduct against him that were made public last week,  and it feels like the Toronto Maple Leafs star forward is sick of being in the spotlight. 

While Matthews did not reveal he was tired of all the attention his case garnered last week, the forward appeared to be on edge during the team’s practice on Tuesday. 

And it just so happened that a footage of Matthews getting mad at a practice dummy is now getting the attention. 

During the Leafs’ skate, Matthews went in for the shot as one of the coaches drove the practice dummy towards him and blocked his shot. The star forward quickly shoved the dummy to the ground as some of his teammates went on to laugh. 

Matthews does not seem to looking to laugh about this… 

We bet he cannot wait for the season to start so fans and pundits can talk about his talent and not his off-ice behaviour or - in this case - his on-ice little fits! 

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