Matthews looks like a complete wuss in latest viral video

Probably not the impression he wanted to leave…

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Former National Hockey League forward Paul Bissonnette is known to be a great prankster. And so, it was only fitting that when he met young star player Auston Matthews of theToronto Maple Leafs, he would have a little fun with the kid. However, we don’t think that he expected these reactions from the star forward. This is priceless, and of course, in this day and age, it is now going viral. 

Bissonnette placed different objects in a box and Matthews had to touch them and guess what they were in a game called What’s In The Box. The Leafs star player was the lucky first contestant on Bissonette’s twisted new game. 

However, Matthews seems convinced that the objects are live animals that are going to hurt or even bite him. Bissonnette has to encourage him to place his hand lower in order to touch the objects, and Matthews is more than reluctant to do so. His reactions are priceless: the forward looks completely terrified at stupid things like a coconut and an egg. 

While touching the coconut, Matthews reacts like he just petted a porcupine. The way he moves his hand makes the video hilarious. 

Hooked own Hockey Magazine published the video from that has now gone viral and Matthews looks like a complete wuss in the footage. See for yourself in the video here below: 

Matthews appears so fearless on the ice for the Maple Leafs. However now, his reputation might be a little tainted following Bissonnette’s experiment. Rival players might have some fun with this as they get in Matthews’ face on the ice. 

Let’s hope it won’t prevent Matthews on focusing on the Leafs’ main objective to go deep into the postseason. Toronto has reached the playoffs in each of Matthews’ first two seasons only to be eliminated each time in the Eastern Conference First Round, in six games by the Washington Capitals in 2017 and in seven games by the Boston Bruins in April. 

Don’t be afraid, Matthews, your team has a great lineup this time around with your new teammate John Tavares. He will manage to protect you! :P