Matthews removes his Leafs jersey and wins over the crowd in San Jose!

Matthews surprises the crowd.

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The All Star Week End is an event that is usually full of surprises and this year has been no different. 

On Friday night a number of the National Hockey League's top stars gathered at the All Star festivities in San Jose, California to see some of the best hockey players in the world engage in a number of challenges designed to showcase their skills. While there was no doubt an amazing array of talented players on hand who performed a number of amazing feats as they went through the events set up for them, it was one young man who appeared to steal the show for the fans in San Jose. That young man was Toronto Maple Leafs superstar Auston Matthews a player who became a very unlikely fan favorite of the crowds in very short order indeed.

Now you would not expect a player from Arizona that now plays for the Maple Leafs to find a great deal of love waiting for him in a crowd jam packed with Sharks' fans and you would right. The crowd certainly was not pro Auston Matthews when he first skated out to participate in the skills competitions, but it was not long before he had completely won them over to his side. 

Matthews, who was actually born in the bay area before his family moved to Arizona, skated out to participate in the competition wearing his traditional jersey, a blue Maple Leafs jersey that sported his traditional #34 with "Matthews" written across the back, but he had a surprise waiting for the crowd. Much to the surprise, and likely more than a little confusion as well, of everyone looking on as he skated out to participate in the games Matthews quickly began to peel off his Maple Leafs jersey. Of course that left everyone wondering what he had on underneath and it was not long after that the truth was revealed. 

Matthews was simply wearing another Maple Leafs jersey. This was not just any Leafs jersey however as it had a very special name written across the back, the name of Matthews' teammate back in Toronto, that of veteran forward Patrick Marleau. The sight of the former Sharks' name across Matthews' back was enough to bring the San Jose faithful to their feet for a standing ovation and even had many of them describing it as the very best moment of the night.