Mattias Ekholm calls out officiating in the playoffs.
Jason Fransen/AP  

Mattias Ekholm calls out officiating in the playoffs.

Edmonton Oilers veteran defenseman Mattias Ekholm speaks out on the officiating after Game 2.

Jonathan Larivee

The topic of officiating is quickly becoming a controversial one in the Western Conference Final, with multiple members of the Edmonton Oilers speaking out following a loss in Game 2.

Head coach Kris Knoblauch was asked to share his thoughts following the conclusion of the game and he was critical of the standard of officiating in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and he wasn't alone.

Oilers veteran defenseman Mattias Ekholm had some comments of his own to make regarding the officiating, clearly feeling that things haven't been fair for the Oilers up until this point.

"It's hard, it's physical, it's playoff hockey out there, it just seems to be we need to kill more than we get power plays," said Ekholm. "Whether that's just the way it has happened or not I don't know."

Much like his head coach Ekholm did his best to be diplomatic in his response while also suggesting that things may not be the way he would like them to be. Although he did a pretty good job of toeing that line, it did seem as though one call in particular bothered him due to a non-call moments later.

"I looked at that Darnell [Nurse] penalty today and 5 minutes later I get cross-checked right in the same spot," admitted Ekholm.

Based on the comments of both Knoblauch and Ekholm it seems fair to suggest that the Oilers aren't entirely happy with how things have transpired in the Western Conference Final thus far. Teams are able to give feedback to an officiating supervisor between games so I guess we will have to wait and see if the Oilers complaints are heard, or if they fall on deaf ears.