Max Domi calls out Toronto citizens over recent behavior.

Domi calls out people in Toronto.

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I know Montreal Canadiens forward Max Domi means well but I must admit I am not sure how this one will go over with fans in Toronto.

Over the weekend several Torontonians took the streets of Toronto to enjoy the beautiful weather, this in spite of the obvious risks of engaging in such activities at a time like this. I have no doubt that those who took to the streets were fully aware of the risks that were involved in doing so, but for many people the opportunity to sit under the sun after being cooped up inside for such an extended period of time was simply too irresistible. Many were critical of those who chose to ignore the social distancing guidelines that have been issued and one picture in particular gained a lot of attention.

The picture shows a large gathering of people at Trinity Bellwoods park in Toronto, thousands in fact, and it caught the eyes of many on social media. One set of eyes that took particular issue with the situation was the aforementioned Max Domi, the Habs forward took to social media to call out those who were in attendance, clearly feeling that they were being too cavalier with their own health, the health of others around them , and the health of the people in their lives.

"This photo was taken by someone today at Trinity Bellwoods. A park in Toronto," began Domi. "This is absolute stupidity and very selfish. Give your head a shake people!"

Domi is of course immunocompromised as a result of Type 1 Diabetes and as a result the coronavirus or COVID-19 poses a particularly significant risk to the Habs forward. It is no doubt a very sensitive topic for Domi, but I'm not sure how well people in Toronto are going to take to being berated by a player from a rival organization. Domi of course himself has strong ties to Toronto and can often be spotted at events in the city during the offseason, so it is not like this is coming out of nowhere and I have no doubt that Domi genuinely cares about the city. His father did after all play there for many years and even now Domi wears a number honoring Mats Sundin, one of the greatest Leafs in history.