Max Domi on his way out of Columbus?!

The forward himself hinted at an imminent trade on Wednesday…


It hasn’t been a happy ride for forward Max Domi ever since he was traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets by the Montreal Canadiens.  As soon as he got to Columbus, he quickly headed to head coach John Tortorella’s doghouse by playing poorly and not bringing the awaited offence he was expected to. So far this season, Domi has just recorded five goals and 11 points in 30 games and we bet Torts’ patience with him has completely evaporated.

To make trade rumours even louder, Domi himself added to the speculations on Wednesday morning, when he removed any mention of the Blue Jackets or Columbus in his social media bios. 

He had done the same thing back in 2020 when he had removed mentions of the Habs or Montreal and was traded days later. 

Is he hinting at an imminent trade?! We can’t imagine he didn’t learn his lesson from last time with the Canadiens! 

Last week, team insider Aaron Portzline for The Athletic placed him in the list of players available to be moved at the trade deadline, which would mean Domi could play for his fourth team in the past eight years. This is how Portzline described

“Can’t believe it’s come to this already, but Domi has made very little positive impact this season. The Blue Jackets are privately hoping that Domi is taking a while to adjust to a new franchise, but his career-high 72 points (in 2018-19) came during his first season in Montreal. Word to the wise, though: trade Domi now and you’re definitely selling low and cementing the Josh Anderson trade as one of the worst in franchise history.”

The message was clear then: trade him now. And maybe Domi finally got the message. 

After Arizona, Montreal and Columbus, another destination for the forward… the question is where to and for what pitiful return?